First among Equals

November 7, 2021

I’ve always struggled to grasp the complexity of this idea that while the man is the head and the woman is the heart, that somehow we’re still equal.

There IS this truth that it IS all on us – that God expects us to do or handle – be responsible for – everything in our married states.  And at least for me, for the longest time along with the knowledge that we’re responsible, comes the necessary fact that we also have the last word – the final say – the ‘buck stops here’ – that we have to have the right to decide the how and why.

But then I kept reading and hearing that the husband and wife are ‘equal’ – that if anything – the wife is somehow more valuable than the husband, and I kept going back in forth in my head – how is this possible?

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Never Enough

October 24, 2021

My wife saw the Greatest showman, and of course, I got to listen to the soundtrack (a lot), and when I first heard the song ‘Never Enough’, not being a real good listener, I heard this song of a lady for whom nothing was enough – not the stars, the fame, nothing. She wanted more and more.

Then for some reason I really listened. You know, like when you’ve tried it your way four times and can’t get it to work, and your wife’s voice, who has been quietly suggesting a different way for fifteen minutes, gets through, and you pause to listen, and it works?

it’s the four words she says right before all of the ‘never enough’ over and over again…

“Because Darling without you”…

Truly amazing and profound. And now, that song is one of my most listened to and memorized lessons. the song is a lesson for all of us. A simple powerful recipe for true, deep and forever love.

God gave us our wife to complete two pieces of a puzzle. From all eternity He saw the life you could make together with her. The amazing, and beautiful life.

I take her for granted, because it’s easy to forget how deeply in love we really are.

We race around, because that’s the world we live in, but in all the racing, I lose sight of that wonderful person that I promised my life too, one, five or fifty years ago, and she becomes part of the scenery.

Let’s take more time, because tomorrow comes and the time we wanted to spend with our truest love today can never be recovered.

And let’s consider that really, truly, without our wives,

these hands could hold the world, but it’ll never be enough…