All Talk

Actions prove who someone is
Words just prove who they want to be

All the books we read, and, and, and yes, the other blogs, and the other things we read or listen to for ideas on how to be better husbands and wives, and of course we pray to be better in these God given roles, but what are we doing?

I mean at the end of the day and the week, have we actually put into action any of the things we’ve read or planned to do? Not all of them, goodness no, but any of them?

I find that most of what I want to do for my marriage – the way I want to demonstrate love – the goals I have for myself to be the husband my bride deserves – most of them sit week after week in my ‘todo’ list – not done. Not accomplished. Not part of my life.

One of the beautiful things about Sunday is that it’s truly a new beginning – like the sunrises – it’s another chance for us to reflect and look back on last week to see not what we’ve said, but what we’ve done – how we’ve demonstrated love and respect for our spouse. And because God knows we’re not perfect, and we haven’t changed much from last week, we get to wipe the page clean, and try again.

Yea – we need to keep reading and studying on how to be a better spouse – we can’t stop learning the art of Marital Love – but let’s take a few short minutes on Sunday and make a plan to do something more this week to continue this work of becoming the husband or wife our spouse dreams of.

Don’t talk, just act
Don’t say, just show
Don’t promise, just prove

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