Yep, she annoys me!

Ok, I’ll confess, sometimes my wife annoys me.

Don’t get me wrong!  I love her like crazy, and the times she annoys me are infrequent, but it’s true – she does things once in a while that irritate and annoy me.  And when she does, most of the time I’m able to offer it up, and only sometimes express my annoyance by being impatient or telling her.

Most of the time, though, she does things that really endear me to her and make me love her more and more, and I find myself wishing she’d just work on those things that annoy me and everything would be perfect.

But then, not too long ago I was really considering the little things she does that annoy me and those that please me and I realized…


It hit me pretty hard, too, to suddenly, after all this time, figure out that she’s not doing different things – some that annoy and some that please me.  She’s doing the same things and I’m in a different mood or occupied or busy and I’m taking them differently!!  All these things that annoy me at times are identical to the things that please me – only I’m tired or busy or irritated about something else – and then she gets into my personal space and the disruption is what gets me annoyed.

My wife doesn’t try to annoy me.  As a matter of absolute fact, she spends a healthy part of her day trying hard to avoid bothering me at all!  And sometimes, even that effort annoys me!

So there it is – yet one other thing that husbands should consider.  Here’s this lovely wife of one, two or forty years, and she really truly wants nothing more than to please us all the time, and because of our own impatience we assume the worst intentions on her part, and we get annoyed or irritated…

The solution, I think, is first awareness – realize that we’re getting annoyed over something that really is cute or feminine or an endearing thing about her – the second is to be silent – when we’re irritated over something – just be quiet and consider it – and finally – try to look at it from when you were dating and madly in love with her.

Back then it wouldn’t have bothered you a bit – it would have drawn you to her.  Have those emotions about it now.


In His Sacred Heart,






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